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Exercise, The Key That Can Open the Door to Good Health

The benefit of exercise is unquestionable. We have all heard that exercise is “good” for you. When we’re young, it is so easy to exercise. It happens naturally, and it takes very little effort when we are in our twenties, but wait, once we are in our mid-thirties, and heading toward forty and fifty, not only is regular exercise tremendously important; it is tougher to do because regular exercise, at least two to three times a week, requires a commitment and has to be built into one’s lifestyle.

Everyone exercises without even trying when they are young, but once we get older and busy with our lives, families, careers, and numerous interests, we tend to put exercise at the bottom of the list or on the back burner. Only those people who are dedicated to an exercise regime will reap the benefits of healthy aging and a healthy lifestyle free of debilitating diseases that accompany old age.

In retrospect, if you doubt the positive impact of exercise on the body, just compare a person who made exercise a regular part of his/her life with one who did not. The difference in the two individuals is incontestable. The person who exercised will look healthier, may even be slimmer, more energetic, and most of all he/she will be mentally sharp and have a good image of self. Believe me, when I say, these individuals are happy.

People, who keep exercise at the forefront of their lives, are the healthiest people on the planet. Take a look around you. A cancer patient or person suffering a heart attack has a greater chance of survival because of the benefits of exercise. So fight sickness with the best remedy of all−a regular exercise regime.

Not many people, fifty and over, can boast that they don’t take medication. Many of us rely on pills to keep us healthy, to control our blood pressure, our cholesterol, diabetes, to keep our joints flexible, and, yes, to relieve pain, but I say to you now, the best pill anyone can take is exercise. Just as you make time to take your medication, you need to take time to exercise, the best pill of all.

The purpose of this blog is just to impress upon my readers how important exercise is to living healthy. Stay tuned for more good advice about very simple ways to enhance the only life you have. No one can do it for you; you are all on your own. Take one day at a time, and make exercise count. You won’t regret it, and your body will thank you.

Dustan Howell

LCF Personal Trainer

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