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About Us

In 2006, John Mickie, owner of Triple Star Records founded the Lost Children Foundation named after Mickie's first recording, Lost Children, over 30 years ago. The major purpose of the Lost Children Foundation is to bring about positive change in people's lives. Just imagine what the world would be like if WE ALL used our individual strengths to lift one another up, if we raised , not just our own hopes, but the hopes and dreams of others, if we extended a "helping hand" to those most in need because it is in "giving" not "getting" that our lives are blessed. This is the principle on which the Lost Children Foundation, Inc. is based. Lost Children Foundation resources are earmarked to help the "young" and the "aging." These two groups are the most vulnerable people in American society.

Who is John Mickie?

John Mickie is an artist "blessed by the holy spirit." He picked up his first guitar at age four; by age nine, he was writing music and mastering the keyboard. Artists who worked with Mickie over the years describe him as a "spiritual being" and through Mickie's music and his special outlook on life, artists come to realize the depths of their own talent. Mickie's music has a magical effect, brings one closer to the heavens, uplifts the spirit, and takes you to a better place. Even though Mickie has been a struggling artist most of his life, he has NEVER given up the dream of using the gifts God gave to him for the benefit of others.

Lost Children Foundation History

The Lost Children Foundation was founded initially in 2006 as a self-help ministry. In February 2013, the Lost Children Foundation was approved as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization. The Lost Children Foundation is a public charity built on the interests, knowledge, professional training and expertise of its Leadership Team: EDUCATION and HEALTHY LIVING. The Foundation provides personalized fitness training for older adults through BUILD A BETTER YOU PERSONAL TRAINING, LITERACY EDUCATION, and CONTINUING EDUCATION SUPPORT for young African American males seeking to continue their education beyond high school.


The Lost Children Foundation's purpose is to improve the quality of life for people: adults (50+) who desire to establish a healthy lifestyle as they age, literacy education for children, and young adults seeking to continue education beyond high school.  

The Foundation provides financial assistance to post-secondary education students, specifically, academically talented African American males, aspiring to matriculate into continuing education institutions.  

Continuing education students can apply for financial assistance to help defray the cost of tuition, books, and various academic fees. In order to receive financial assistance, a prospective candidate must have already matriculated into an institution and must provide a high school transcript, an acceptance letter from the institution, and a Letter of Request outlining the specific need. The first paragraph of the Letter of Request should be introductory and biographical. Please contact Dr. Mickey ( if clarifications are needed. Stipends for financial assistance are small and are intended to supplement already existing financial support.  

In summary, the Foundation's mission is threefold:

  • transform the aging process for older adults through personalized fitness training;
  • provide financial assistance in the form of stipends and small scholarships for post-secondary academically-talented African American males matriculating into institutions (4-year colleges and/or universities) for continuing education.
  • provide literacy education activities for elementary and middle school students.

One of the primary sources of funding for the Lost Children Foundation is Triple Star Records.

Runnin' Out of Time, featuring Doug Cassens, soothes what is ailing, heightens your outlook on life, and brings the kind of enduring peace that takes away pain and makes suffering tolerable.

Runnin' Out of Time is available on CD in limited quantity. Click on "Products" and get a copy. Your purchases support the Lost Children Foundation, Inc. public charity. Two songs are displayed on the Products page: Seek Freedom and Lost Children. These songs can be downloaded from iTunes. Check out Products: New Releases.

Thank you for supporting the Lost Children Foundation public charity. Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated.

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