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The Foundation's flagship program for personal training is BABY (Build A Better You). The Build A Better You Personal Training Program is operated by In Shape At Home LLC. The owner and operator of In Shape At Home is Dustan Howell, an accomplished personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  

As the Independent Contractor for the Lost Children Foundation's personal training program, In Shape At Home LLC is required to maintain the following credentials:

ACSM Certification License #:1021343 -ACSM Identification: 683191

First Aid (American Red Cross)

AED (American Red Cross)

CPR (American Red Cross)

Professional Liability Insurance

BABY offers personalized fitness training and coaching for adults and seniors tailored to the individual. BABY is especially geared toward people 50 and over. Priority is given to clients, age 65+. Programs are personalized to fit the client. Your body is your temple. How you care for it will determine how long it last and your quality of health as you age. BABY strengthens the skeletal muscles, improves overall health and wellness, and over time, builds a better, stronger YOU.

People 65+ are given priority because as people get older, they are vulnerable to the aging process. An effective exercise program for this age group focuses on improving cardiovascular conditioning, improving strength, increasing flexibility, increasing joint mobility and building strong muscles around joints for protection. Resistance training (strength training) builds denser bones, stronger ligaments and tendons, and better posture: all characteristic of healthy aging.

Resistance training is the key to rescue many elderly people from frailty as they age.  

Dustan M. Howell

Independent Contractor:

In Shape At Home LLC

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Specialty: Resistance Training (RT)

Model: Progressive Overload

Training sites include community centers, residential facilities for seniors, and in the client's home.

Understanding Resistance Training and Progressive Overload

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD is the gradual increase of intensity placed upon the body during exercise training. Progressive overload is the backbone of any “good” fitness-training program. What happens in the In Shape At Home personal training program?

First, the client will be assessed in terms of health and medical issues, strength, and his/her own goals and expectations. Each client begins at a comfortable level of muscular strength and progresses toward overload of the muscles. The process is gradual. As the client gets stronger, the weight is increased. In progressive overload, the client forces the body to do more than it is accustomed to doing. However, once the body can lift the applied weight, then more weight is added. Whenever weight is added, the client begins with fewer repetitions, and once the client is able to lift the applied weight 10-15 reps with good form, again, the weight is increased. This is the principle of progressive overload, and it is the model used in the In Shape At Home Personal Training program.

Progressive overload, not only applies to augmenting muscle power, it can have a very positive effect on the bones (the skeletal system) the body’s frame. Moreover, progressive overload can enhance cardiovascular fitness. 

Resistance training builds muscular strength, and muscular strength is the most efficient method to increase metabolism, the process that burns fat. The more muscle one has, the more efficiently he/she burns fat. The key to having a body that is a “fat burning machine” corresponds directly to a client’s effort. The more effort and consistency a client puts forth, the greater the ability to burn fat, become stronger, get fit, and stay fit.

Dustan can be reached via e-mail:

Phone: 484-467-0450

NOTE: Personal Training is offered "free of charge" to eligible clients.

Persons interested in training should contact Dr. Mickey at for specific information. 

In Shape At Home Studio.

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