Lost Children Foundation, Incorporated (LCF, Inc.) -  Literacy, Personal Training, and Continuing Education
1John Mickie, President of Triple Star Records and CEO of the Lost Children FoundationThe Lost Children Foundation is a public charity owned and operated by Triple Star Records. The goals of LCF are to popularize the music of John Mickie, increase product sales, and make donations to the Foundation to fund programs that improve the quality of life in communities in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Kentucky.  LCF provides services to young children, young African American males who have graduated from high school and want to continue their education, and seniors, age 50+.  LCF operates three programs: Literacy Plus for young children, Post Secondary Continuing Education for African American males, and Build A Better You   for seniors seeking to regain and maintain "good" physical fitness. 
                           John Mickie,  President                                   
                              Triple Star Records                                            
                   Chief Executive Officer: LCF, Inc.

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Buy a book, and support a sick child.

Reagan & Madison RoyThe Lost Children Foundation supports the work of Madison and Reagan Roy, two young authors, from Louisville, Kentucky, who raise funds to help families of children suffering with sickle cell anemia and leukemia.  The Roy Team has published two books: Flower: A Girl With Leukemia (ISBN: 978-1-4653-6278-0) and Petethra's Secret,(ISBN: 978-1-4691-9232-1)All the proceeds from the sale of these two books are donated to Faces of Our Children, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness, generating support, and raising funds for the fight against sickle cell anemia.  Book sales also support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Louisville, Kentucky whose work benefits children suffering with leukemia.  To date, the two books have raised over $9,000 for children.  Buy a book, and join the Roy Team.  Help children
suffering with leukemia and sickle cell anemia.  Books are available on amazon.com and                                                                 xlibris.com. All monies raised through book sales are donated to the two non-profit 
                                                            organizations mentioned above.

Is your child, or a child you know, having difficulty learning to read? 

The Lost Children Foundation specializes in literacy education: helping children learn to read and write.  One of the greatest assets a person can possess is his or her ability to read and write.  Customarily, children learn to read in the first three grades, and then use reading to learn starting in grade four.  Reading is fundamental, and it is the gateway to the world and the key to knowledge and power that can unlock doors to success in school and in life.  Literacy Plus uses the Language Experience Approach (LEA) to help children in the primary grades who are struggling to learn to read and write.  Learn why LEA is a reading program guaranteed to help children learn to read.  Click on the Literacy Plus page, and learn more about the Language Experience Approach, a guaranteed method of teaching reading and writing to young children.

Learning is an innate ability.  You are born to learn, and it is virtually impossible NOT to LEARN.  If you are a parent with a child in grades one through three who has not learned to read effectively at grade level by the end of third grade, then start today to set your child on the path to knowledge and power.  Contact Dr. HB. Mickey at (hbmickey@comcast.net), Reading Specialist and Instructor for LCF Literacy Plus program.  Literacy Plus is offered exclusively in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas with a special interest in male students in the primary grades,1-3, who are experiencing difficulty in learning to read. 

Proceeds from Triple Star Records, donations, grants, and various fundraising projects support the Lost Children Foundation initiatives.  LCF helps children overcome illiteracy.  The Literacy Plus program is offered free of charge to eligible children and families.

Do you need to GET FIT and STAY FIT?

Dustan Howell, LCF ACSM Certified Personal TrainerAll the riches in the world cannot replace "good" health.  Being healthy as you age is directly related to your fitness level.  Getting older is a blessing that comes everyday.  You do not have to work at it.  You do not need any special skills.  You just need to exist.  Face the inevitable with a plan to "get fit and stay fit."  The more fit, the better you can enjoy a "good" quality of life as you age.  LCF's Build A Better You Personal Training program is NOT a quick fix, 60 day, fast paced, exhausting program.  On the contrary, it is systematic and methodical, and requires a lifetime commitment to "get fit" and "stay fit."  It is a program designed and built for you.  Virtually, this is a program for everyone and anyone.  Dustan Howell, LCF's ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) certified expert personal fitness trainer, uses "a proven method "RESISTANCE TRAINING" to help clients get fit and stay fitThe principle of "Progressive Overload" is LCF's personal training model.  Clients lift a weight heavy enough to create muscular fatigue.  Lift with GOOD form for 12-15 reps, and as the weight gets easier, more weight is added.  This is the principle of progressive overload.  Using the progressive overload model, muscles get stronger and more toned.  Resistance Training (RT) can slow down and reverse the aging process.  
     Dustan Howell, Personal Trainer                            A client who does not quit, gets fit and stays fit. 

Resistance Training is ideal for older adults because programs are easily personalized based on individual ability, health and medical limitations, experience, physical condition, and size.  Dustan is very skilled at adapting and designing unique programs for unique individuals.   It is never to late to start.  Build a better, stronger, fitter you.  Services are available in Philadelphia and in townships in close proximity to Philadelphia: Cheltenham, Glenside, Laverock, Wyndmoor, Abington, Elkins Park, and Willow Grove.  Training is offered in your home, in a partnering senior resident facility, or or in the In Shape At Home Studio 29 located in East Mt. Airy.  Click on the "Personal Training" page for more information about LCF's Build A Better You (BABY) Resistance Training program.

Contact Dustan at:

Join LCF's  Build A Better You Personal Training program available free of charge to persons who meet eligibility guidelines and who make and sustain a commitment to train minimally once or twice a week, preferably twice a week from 30 to 45 minutes.